In "Universum-Centrum" is situated the esoteric shop "Universum - Esoterica", which offers impressively wide choice of occult literature, meditative and relaxing music, great variety of Feng Shui "remedies"as well as numerous esoteric objects selected among the spiritual traditions all over the world. A large part of the books are published by our own "Shambala" publishing house. In the shop you can find wonderful unique gifts selected and presented with much love.
All team members have competent knowledge in esotericism; they are seekers themselves and go on their spiritual path. Every client has been invited for a "cyber" walk and a cup of tea while receiving a professional consultation. Pleasant conversations, good mood, and relaxing music saturate the atmosphere.
Contact Us:

"Universum - Esoterica"
13 Maria Louisa blvd.
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: ++359 /52/ 699 027